Inspirational sPeaker and experienced Moderator

Topics and Lectures

  • Climate Reality Leadership - Leadership for a sustainable future
  • Digitalisation and sustainability - How will emerging technologies shape our future? How can we use tech for good and include AI, VR, AR, IoT and big data to solve the sustainable development goals? 
  • The Green Scandinavians  - Trends within tech and sustainaibility. The latest trends from Scandinavia - world leading countries for a sustainable future. 
  • Nudging - behavior design for a sustainable future. How can behavioral science and choice arcitechture nudge us to change our behaviors? 
  • Conscious Business - Make money and change the world, at the same time!
  • CSR Communication - How do you communicate Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) to create true business values and measurable results on the bottom line?

Previous assignments

  • Change Now Summit, Paris, France
  • Sustainable Innovations, Stockholm, Sweden
  • Change Management Forum, Stockholm, Sweden
  • World Innovation Challenge, Gothenburg, Sweden
  • Climate Speaker Network, Katowice, Poland
  • Nordic Innovation House, Palo Alto, USA
  • Miljöstrategidagarna, Stockholm, Sweden
  • Gothenburg AI, Gothenburg, Sweden
  • Launch for Nordic Impact Week, Palo Alto, USA
  • Climate Group of Menlo Church, Menlo Park, USA
  • Sustainable Leadership Summit, Varberg, Sweden
  • GreenHack GBG, Gotheburg, Sweden
  • Almedalsveckan, Visby, Sweden
  • CSR Western Sweden, Gothenburg, Sweden

Katharina is an extraordinary person! Devoted to sustainabilty and to be an example. Hands on! Katharina is a true professional in the missions she chooses to get involved in. She was engaged 
as moderator for the World Innovation Challenge, which included world leaders as Nobel Peace Prize Laureate Muhammad Yunus, Prof Gunter Pauli - super entrepreneur end environmentalist of The Blue Economy as well as Frans Johansson, the Medici Effect. IntersectionPoint is looking forward continuing working together!

Christina Östergård
Chair of IntersectionPoint

BoOK Katharina PAOLI